Cambrian (Series 3 – Furongian) conodonts from the Alum Shale Formation at Slemmestad, Oslo Region, Norway

Nine samples from the Alum Shale of Slemmestad, Oslo Region, were processed for conodonts. The limestone-rich interval extending from the mid Cambrian Paradoxides paradoxissimus trilobite Zone to the Lower Ordovician Boeckaspis trilobite Zone yielded a sparse conodont fauna. The fauna is dominated by the protoconodont species Phakelodus elongatus (Zhang in An et al., 1983) and Phakelodus tenuis Müller, 1959, the paraconodont species Westergaardodina polymorpha Müller & Hinz, 1991, Westergaardodina ligula Müller & Hinz, 1991, Problematoconites perforatus Müller, 1959 and Trolmenia acies Müller & Hinz, 1991; the euconodont species Cordylodus proavus Müller, 1959 is present in the Acerocarina Superzone. The presence of the cosmopolitan Cordylodus proavus Müller, 1956 at Slemmestad provides an important tie for regional and international correlation.

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