Notes on Ordovician graptolites, nautiloids and trace fossils from Lånke, Central Norwegian Caledonides

Graptolites and trace fossils typical of deep-water environments are found on phyllitic roofing slates kept in the collections of the Stjørdal Museum Værnes, Trøndelag. The slates probably come from abandoned local quarries in the Stjørdal and Lånke districts. The fossils from Lånke also include some graptolites and poorly preserved nautiloids stored at the NTNU Vitenskapsmuseet, Trondheim. The graptolites indicate a Katian age, while the trace fossil assemblages compare to similar assemblages reported from the Middle–Late Ordovician Vuddudalen and Lower Hovin groups and the mostly Silurian Ekne Group of the Central Norwegian Caledonides.