A large rockfall avalanche in Oldedalen, inner Nordfjord, western Norway, dated by means of a sub-avalanche Salix sp. tree trunk
pp. 59-62

Construction work in connection with tourist accommodation below a huge boulder (estimated volume of 270-300 m3) in a rockfall-avalanche deposit in Oldedalen, western Norway, revealed tree trunks of Betula sp. and Salix sp. The trunks carried visible signs of damage ( cracks and splintering) due to the avalanche. A piece of a Salix sp. trunk was dated at 5220 ± 80 14C yr BP [5940 (6010-59 10) cal. yr BP (intercept age with one sigma) ]. Since the rockfall most probably killed the trees, the date is considered to represent the age of the event.

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