The inner shelf of North Cape, Norway and its implications for the Barents Shelf-Finnmark Caledonide boundary. A reply.

It is emphasized that the point of my short article was to highlight the possibility that the 100° trend of the onshore portion of the Trollfjord-Komagelv Fault either changes its orientation to E-W (090°) in the offshore region (as opposed to NW-SE which has been suggested by other workers), or its plays into a series of fault zones as it intersects the other dominant fault trends northwest of Finnmark. This article also outlines some of the problems of the published work on the Caledonian geology of Finnmark, especially those aspects which are frequently applied to the offshore Barents Sea. It is suggested that the fault systems of North Norway need a more detailed exarnination in order to assess the implications for the structural evolution of the offshore area.