Evidence of synsedimentary tectonics in the Lower Silurian (Llandovery) strata of Brumunddalen, Ringsaker, Norway: A reply

With a brief preliminary note (Møller 1986) I tried to draw attention to some structures in the Lower
Silurian strata of Brumunddalen, which in my view represent evidence of synsedimentary tectonics. I
was therefore pleased to get a prompt response through Spjeldnæs' comment (Spjeldnæs 1987). In his
contribution he challenged my interpretation and claimed that the evidence presented in my paper did
not prove the existence of synsedimentary tectonics. Having considered his arguments thoroughly,
however, I would like to note that although being aware of uncertainties in my interpretation I do not
think it has been convincingly disproved. The discussed problem will probably not be solved before
supplementary data are collected within the scope of a comprehensive study.