Tectonic implications of U-, Mo- and V-enriched graphitic phyllites in the Høgtuva and Nasafjäll Windows, Scandinavian Caledonides

Basement occurs in windows in the northern Scandinavian Caledonides, which are distributed in two
rows: an easterly row along the national border between Norway and Sweden, including the Nasafjäll
Window, and a westerly row in the Glomfjord-Sjona area including the Høgtuva Window. The basement
and cover rocks in the eastern windows can be correlated with those of the Baltoscandian Platform. The
tectonostratigraphical position of the rocks in the western windows has been debated. This paper presents
a study of metasedimentary cover sequences in the medium-grade rocks of the Høgtuva and Nasafjäll
Windows that compare closely with the autochthonous Dividal Group in the eastern thrust front and in
the eastem windows. These include U-, Mo- and V-enriched graphitic phyllites; this suggests that the
basement of the western windows is also of Baltoscandian affinity.