Weichselian glacial episodes in outer Sunnmøre, western Norway

Several sites at Vigra and Godøy a have revealed a complex glacial stratigraphy of Weichselian age. Three different phases of glacial movements above the Godøya Formation sandur are recognized on the basis of till fabrics and glaciotectonics. The oldest phase of northward movement is registered in sediments that overlie the Godøya Formation, and may correspond to an ice culmination over the Nordfjord area. Subsequent coalescence with westward-moving glaciers gave rise to a regional northwestward-moving glacier probably extending to the continental shelf. The latest phase of regional northwestward-moving glaciers associated with the Late Weichselian maximum is separated from the preceding by an inter-till sediment assumed to be correlative with the Ålesund lnterstadial.