Geology of the inner shelf west of North Cape, Norway

An escarpment parallel to the coast off West Finnmark marks the boundary between the Scandinavian
landmass of crystalline rocks and the overlying sedimentary succession offshore. Seaward-dipping
sedimentary rocks subcrop at an erosional unconformity which in turn is overlain by horizontally stratified sediment layers. The seaward dip of the sedimentary rocks is probably due to Cenozoic uplift of the landmass. The uplift was predominantly flexural but there is indication of concomitant extensional faulting. The erosional unconformity is probably a polycyclic and polygenetic erosional surface initiated at the mid-Oligocene lowstand of the sea level. Three deltas up to 30 km wide, of supposed glaciomarine origin, are located at the escarpment. The deltas must have been deposited by continental ice-sheet before the last Late Weichselian readvance onto the shelf.