Distribution of benthic foraminifers in surface sediments along the Norwegian continental shelf between 62° and 72°N

Seventy surface sediment samples from the Norwegian continental shelf north of 62°N have been studied to map the distribution of benthic foraminifers. Most of the samples contain a large portion of poorly preserved benthic foraminifers, and only samples with a large proportion of well preserved  shells have been taken into account. The benthic foraminiferal assemblages are characterized by normal marine, heavy shelled species. Trifarina angulosa and Cibicides spp. account for more than 50% of the assemblage in most samples. The maximum occurrence of T. angulosa is in water depths between 250 m and 375 m, while the Cibicides maximum is found to be somewhat shallower. Uvigerina peregrina is an important constituent of the assemblages in the southern part of the study area.