An eclogite from the Caledonides of southern Norrbotten

The eclogite I describe here (N82100) comes from a small basic body enclosed within a marble of the Seve Nappe Complex of the Caledonides of southern Norrbotten. This contribution is written after reading in manuscript from the preceding paper in this journal by Stephens & Roermund (1984), who describe two specimens (BFM S82103 and BFM S82097) collected from some 3.5 Km NNW of N82100. I refer readers interested in details of the shared geological context of these samples to that account. The site from which N82100 was collected is in the lowest marble of the so-called Tsakkok lens (Stephens & Roermund 1984, Fig. 1), and lies at the extreme right-hand end of that map where the marble is cut off by the map edge.