Late Weichselian moraine chronology of the Vesterålen islands, North Norway

Ice-marginal deposits on the islands of Langøya, Hadseløya and Hinnøya have been mapped and correlated. It is suggested that the moraines were deposited during thrce distinct Late Weichselian glacial events. During the oldest of these, the Langøy event, the continental ice-sheet reached Andøya and Langøya. Based on radiocarbon dates of lacustrine sediments from the base of lake basins proximally to the Langøy evcnt ice-margin, an age betwecn 13,000 and 14,000 years BP is suggested. The younger glacial events are correlated with the Skarpnes and Tromsø-Lyngen events in Troms. These are approximately
12,300 and 11,500-10,000 years old, respectively. During these events, numerous local glaciers
existed on the Vesterålen islands, while the margin of the continental ice-sheet lay further east.