The Surnadal syncline revisited

New, detailed mapping near Rindal confirms the old view that the Støren volcanics continue in to the Surnadal syncline. Therefore, the syncline is Caledonian and not Precambrian, as considered by Råheim 1979. The prevailing view that the rocks above Late Precambrian metasandstones only form two main nappes, the 'Gula' Nappe and the Støren Nappe, should be modified. Between the lower part of 'Gula'arnphibolitefacies rocks, termed the Surna Nappe - and the low-grade Støren grecnstone, there are metasediments and volcanics of an intermediate metamorphic grade termed the Rinna schist and
greenschist, white the Upper schist has an uncertain tectonostratigraphic position. In the Romundstad area east of Rindal a distinct thrust is present at the contact between greenschist and greenstone.