The Lillevik dyke complex, Narvik: geochemistry and tectonic implications of a pro bable ophiolite fragment in the Caledonides of the Ofoten region, North Norway

The Lillevik dyke complex occurs in an allochthonous unit and shows field relationships indicative of a transition from the mafic cumulate to the sheeted dyke zone in a segment of an ophiolite. Major and trace element chemistry confirm the MORB character of most of the diabases. Certain diabase, gabbro and trondhjemite dykes have REE patterns suggesting a later stage of ocean-island volcanism. The Lillevik complex and equivalent bodies along strike on the eastern limb of the Ofoten synform are a probable source for the mafic facies of the overlying Elvenes Conglomerate. Analogies with other areas suggest
that the Lillevik complex was obducted during the Finnmarkian orogeny.