On the Late Weichselian and Flandrian shoreline displacement in Nærøy, Nord-Trøndelag, Norway

Pollen analysis, diatom analysis, and radiocarbon dating have been carried out to trace the shoreline displacement in the Nærøy area of the county of Nord-Trøndelag, Norway. Radiocarbon dating (14 presented results) and pollen-analytical dating (9 presented results) are used as mutually independent
methods. Discrepancies between various corresponding dating results are discusscd, also with regard to possible sources of error linked to the radiocarbon method. The shoreline displacement curve, which is based on 9 dated marinellacustrine boundaries, has a somewhat modified lapse, compared to curves from eastern Norway and the inland of Trøndelag. The shoreline displacement in Nærøy is, however, presumed to have been continuously regressive from late Youngcr Dryas up to the present, which is the time space covered by this investigation.