Early middle Ordovician fossils from the Hølonda area, Trondheim region, Norway

A Whiterock (Llanvirn) age assemblage of brachiopods, trilobites, mollusks, and cystoids was obtained from siltstone from the Hølonda area, about 40 km south of Trondheim, Norway. The assemblage is distinguished by new genera and species among the brachiopods and by unique associations among the trilobites and other fossils. The fossils are more like those from Nevada and Newfoundland than those in contemporaneous assemblages from elsewhere in Norway and Europe. Brachiopods are: Syndielasma cf. S. biseptatum Cooper; Aporthophyla stoermeri sp. nov., lacking pseudodeltidium; Trondorthis strandi gen. nov., sp. nov., primitive fascicostellate orthid; Trotlandella loki gen. nov., sp. nov., primitive furcitellid; undetermined finkelnburgiid (?) and leptestiid. Trilobites are: Goniotelina broeggeri (Strand), indeterminate species of Sphaerocoryphe and Calyptaulax, and undetermined genera of a bathyurid and a cheirurid. Niobe vogti Strand, Pseudoasaphus sp. (= lsoteloides sp.), cheirurids, and pliomerids from earlier collections near Hølonda are redescribed and figured.