The intrusive granites of the Farsund area, south Norway: Their interrelations and relations with the Precambrian metamorphic envelope

A new geological map, covering about 1500 km2 of the area around Farsund, south Norway, is presented. The country rock gneisses have been subdivided into three major lithostructural units consisting of augen, banded, and granitic gneisses. The intrusive 'farsundite complex' is divided into several distinct bodies and their contact relations are described. The plutons fall mineralogically, texturally, and chemically into two groups: 1. The Farsund charnockite and the strongly differentiated Kleivan granite which show anorthositic affinites. 2. The mineralogically more normal granites such as the Lyngdal hornblende granite. This paper refutes earlier interpretations considering the 'farsundite complex' as one single unit in terms of structure and composition.