Whiterockian (Ordovician) conodonts from the Hølonda Limes tone of the Trondheim Region, Norwegian Caledonides

Sparse conodonts isolated from the weakly metamorphosed Hølonda Limestone of the eugeosynclinal succession in the Hølonda-Horg district south of Trondheim represent a species association that differs strikingly from previously described Ordovician conodont faunas from Europe, particularly those from the Baltic Shield. Most of the Hølonda species are common in, and characteristic of, Whiterockian faunas of the Toquima-Table Head Faunal Realm in North America, and they suggest that the part of the Hølonda Limestone that yielded the condonts is equivalent to the Anomalorthis Zone and the British Didymograptus 'bifidus' Zone, that is, to the lower Llanvirnian. The North American rather than European character of the conodont fauna supports the idea that the Trondheim Region is a fragment of the North American plate.