Nyere undersøkelser i sentrale og nordlige deler av sparagmitt-bassenget, II Geologien i Gudbrandsdalen fra Lillehammer til Vinstra

Rocks of latest Precambrian and Eocambrian age have been mapped along the Gudbrandsdalen valley from Lillehammer in the south to Vinstra in the north. They are made up by a series of conglomerates, sandstones, shales, and limestones. They are partly overlain by Cambro-Ordovician deposits in the RingebuVinstra district. Most of the beds are autochthonous or parautochthonous, but allochthonous sedimentary rocks occur in the Ringebu-Vinstra district together with crystalline rocks of the Caledonian overthrust massifs ('Jotun nappc'). In the whole area the main strike direction is a bo ut east-west; N 110g E - 130g E within the Ringebu-Vinstra district.