The scandium content of some norwegian minerals and the formation of Thortveitite, a reconnaissance survey
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In their classical paper on the geochemistry of scandium V. M. Goldschmidt and CL. Peters (1931) present a great deal of information about the scandium content of Norwegian minerals of varied geological origin. Also G. Eberhard (1908 and 1910) used, among others, samples from this country for his investigations which demonstrated the common and widespread occurrence in the earth's crust of the element which had until then been regarded as very rare and scarce. Further data are given by I. Oftedal (1943), who was especially interested in the variations of the scandium content of biotite as a function of temperature, and the possibility of using this as a geological thermometer. Thortveitite, the only known, and very rare, primary mineral of scandium occurs in some quantity in several pegmatite dykes in the Iveland- Evje district North of Kristiansand.