Rocks of the anorthosite kindred in Vossestrand, (Norway).
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The area investigated is situated on the quadrangle Vossestrand C 32 V., and is indicated on the map sketch, Fig. 1. It comprises the greater part of the rural district of Vossestrand, in the north a bit of Vik is included, and farther to the west a bit of Evanger. The adjoining districts are otherwise Leikanger, Aurland, and Voss.

The area is intersected by a series of valleys, the majority following the strike direction. Farthest to the east Brekkedalen ascends from Stalheim. To the west runs Uppheimsdalen which is continued southwards by Langedalen. Farther to the west is Myrkdalsvannet in Myrkdalen which is continued by Kvassdalen. On both sides of this stand the highest mountains, Bjørndalskamben 1402 m and Finnbufjellet 1336 m. The valleys are as a rule narrow and steep. Only Myrkdalen is inhabited. Still farther west the area is not so intersected, it is an uneven mountain plain of the constant altitude of 900-1000 m, with peaks 1100-1200 m high.