Contributions to the Devonian flora of Western Norway. III.

In 1931 I published a small paper on some fossil plants from the Middle Devonian off the Nordfjord area, and in 1935 a second contribution, based upon a new collection from the same localities. The present paper deals with some additional material from Nordfjord and from other areas along our western coast.
I beg to express my thanks to Professor Th. G. Halle, Stockholm, who has given me permission to examine and describe the specimen from Nordfjord, and to Professor Th. Vogt, Trondheim, who has put at my disposal his collections from some of the other localities.
The specimens were examined and photogrraphed more than 5 years ago; owing to the present conditions the descriptions published here have to be based on the photographs only, the specimens themselves being inaccessible at the moment. I have also had access to a very limited part of the literature only.