Geomorphology of the Rondane area.

The Rondane Mountain Area as circumscribed in the large map Iies between 61° 47.1' to 62° 6.2' N.L., and 9° 25.1' to 10 17.8' E. Gr. (lower margin of map; up per margin 9° 24.8' to 10° 18.1 ') , covering about 2030 km2. Of this area I have obtained a somewhat detailed acquaintance with 1600 km2 during the four summers of 1941 to 1944, and the actual meshes of my routes are rather close within this lesser area. Even if there are stones unturned, I know most of them!
The present paper mainly deals with the Rondane high mountains proper, covering some 400 km2, which are on the locational map (A) . The map used during the field survey was the original in 1: 50 000, up on which the 1 : 100 000 map reproduced is based.
In the following, localities are frequently referred to the 1:100 000 map by their distances in mm from the left and upper margins of the map, given in italics. E. g. the coordinates 212.147 indicate a point 212 mm from the left, 14 7 mm from the upper margin of the map.
References to figures are only by their numbers (photos on plates) , or letter ( text figures) . Details in figures are referred to by the same mm coordinate system as on the map, only not in italics. The figures themselves have got such full explanations; that they alone might well be regarded as a geomorphological account of the area.
This is the second paper of the Rondane Survey series. In the first one (Strøm 1944) a brief outline of the development and scope of the researches was given. A popular description of the geology and morphology of the area has been published in Norwegian (Strøm 1943 ) .