On the traces of the ice ages in Nordland, Troms, and the southwestern part of Finnmark in northern Norway
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In later years several authors have devoted a more or less close study to the quaternary geology of Northern Norway. In the first place are here to be mentioned Tanner 1930 (20) and Nordhagen 1933 and 1935 (14 and 15). The present author has also for many years been interested in quaternary geological problems and has in the course of time collected a varied material concerning these matters in that part of our country. On account of duties as a functionary I have had too little time for working out the material collected or the working has been so much retarded that something may have been forgotten and more or less lost when it was to be used. As it is the quaternary conditions of Northern Norway have at present got such an actuality that I find it appropriate to present a part of the material which I have been able to work out, and to take a preliminary view of the said problems.