Contributions to the mineralogy of Norway. No. 8. Davidite from Tuftan, Iveland.
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In 1956 a quantity of gadolinite from the Tuftan pegmatite dyke was sold to an American firm dealing in rare element raw materials. To his surprise the Norwegian exporter received a complaint that the gadolinite was of inferior quality and could not be accepted. A sample of the exported material was sent to this Museum for examination and the bulk of it was found to be a black metamict amorphous mineral, in appearance strikingly like gadolinite. However, by its X-ray powder pattern when heated, and by semiquantitative optical spectrograms the material was identified as davidite. A sample of the same material had found its way into the collections of dr. H. F. Harwood in Wales who sent it to the Atomic Energy Division of the Geological Survey of Great Britain where dr. J. E. T. Horne coincident with us identified it as davidite, and kindly sent us a copy of his report (Mineralogical report No. 621, dated 20th September, 1957).