Fossils(?) of precambrian age from Telemark, southern Norway.
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Three nodular-rich beds occur within a sandstone unit of the Precambrian Bandak group at Haugli in Telemark, southern Norway. The nodules have ellipsoidal shapes, are 2½-4½ cm long, 1-2 cm across, are composed chiefly of fine-grained quartz, and have a central coarse-grained quartzfilled tube parallel to the long axis. The internal structure of the nodules is insufficiently preserved to permit any definite conclusion as to their origin.

An organic or organic-controlled origin (e.g. some primitive sponge or concretionary development influenced by algae) seems more likely than an inorganic origin (e.g. lithophysæ, pisoliths or ooliths).

The name TELEMARKITES ENIGMATICUS has been chosen as a designation for the features.