Blokk- og steintellinger i Solør. Stone Countings in Quaternary Deposits in Solør, Southern Norway

Investigations have been carried out on the boulder and stone content of some Quaternary deposits, mainly glacial, in Solør, Southern Norway, as to the ratio between local and foreign material. It was found that the ground moraine usually contains 80 % local material (Archain rocks) and 20 % foreign material (rocks of the Eocambrian formation), the latter supposed to have been transported at least 20-30 km. It was further on found that the content of both foreign material and rounded material decreased with increasing diameter of investigated stones. In contrast to the basal till, the superglacial till might have a content of 80 % foreign material. The superglacial till usually has a greater content of rounded material than has the basal till. In eskers the content of foreign material may rise to above 50%. It is emphasized, when making similiar investigations, to deal with a great number of size-groups, the result other ways being incorrect.