New restorations of the heads of Pharyngolepis Oglongus Kiaer and Pharyngolepis Kiaeri sp.nov., with a note on their lateral-line systems.
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The work on which this paper is based forms part of a wider study of the Norwegian and Scottish genera of the Order Anaspida, and arises out of an attempt to use the Norwegian material as a standard of reference for the less well preserved Scottish forms, Birkenia and Lasanius (Traquair 1899, 1905), and more directly from an attempt to resolve the structure of the dermal cranial roof and to locate the nasohypophysial and pineal foramina in Birkenia. In the course of this work it has become apparent that new descriptions of the cranial roof of the Norwegian Anaspids are required ยท in this paper the cranial roof of one genus, Pharyngolepis, is re-described together with a description of a newly recognized species, Pharyngolepis kiaeri sp. nov.