Et nytt funn av mammutstøttann fra Norge A new mammoth tusk discovered in Norway.

In the autumn of 1955, two fragments of mammoth tusk were discovered at Skreia, Toten (S. Norway) (Pl. I). They lay ca. 1/2 m below the level of the main street in Skreia, about 1 m in the ground moraine. The fragments fit well into each other, (Pl. I, 1) and together they form a piece of a mammoth tusk ca. 63 cm long and 23,5 cm around the thickest part and 19 cm around the thinnest end. It is thus likely that the tusk originally was comparatively small - about 150- 165 cm long - and belonged to a female mammoth (Text fig. 1). It is the 8th mammoth tooth found in Norway (Text fig. 2) (5 grinding teeth and 3 tusks. See Heintz, A. 1955).