Kaledonsk tektonikk i Midt-Norge. On the Caledonides of Central Norway.
3, 4

In the present paper the author offers an interpretation of the main stratigraphical and tectonical features of the Molde-Trondheim district, Central Norway. A system of W--SW folds is described, inclusive of the Trondhjemsfjord Syncline.

According to Th. Vogt (1954 a) the W-SW direction of the structure is further developed in a connection between the syncline of Hornelen and the Dombås district of the Trondhjem Region; and according to H. Carstens (1955) his investigations in the Trondhjemsled-Snåsa Syncline shows that the W-SW direction of the structure originated in early Caledonian times.

The authors conclusion is that the Trondhjem Region continues straight into the Western Gneiss Area, and that the W-SW system of folds also presumably forms the main direction of the Caledonian mountain range in this district.