The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 5. The trilobite family Styginidae.

Norwegian and Swedish trilobites of the family Styginidae are described. From the material it is proposed to retain the genus Bronteopsis in the family and not include it in the family Scutellidae. Two new species, Stygina minor and Bronteopsis holtedahli are described. Two baltic forms, described as Ogygiocaris dilatata panderi and O.d. plautoni (Schmidt, 1904, pp. 59-63), are included in the family also. They are the first Styginidae recognized from the Baltic.
Those species whose characters are intermediate between Stygina and Bronteopsis, such as B. ardmillanensis, B. gregaria and Stygina? nitens are here referred to the genus Raymondaspis.