The mammoth teeth from Norway.
2, 3, 4

Two new mammoth-mollars from Norway are described: one left upper M2 from Vågå, and one fragment of a lower M2 from Ula. The new investigation of the earlier described teeth shows that the teeth from Skarvangen (Vågå) and Dovre are not Dp4 as previously assumed, but M1, and the tooth from Otta is probably a M3.
The Scandinavian teeth most probably belong to sub.sp. Mammonteus primigenius primigenius Osborn.
The question of when the mammoth lived in Norway is discussed, and it is presumed, that the mammoths had their haunts in the high mountains of Scandinavia and that they lived here in great numbers during the last interglacial period. Finally the distribution of the musk-ox, reindeer and horse in Scandinavia during the last interglacial period is discussed.