The Cypring-Thulite deposit at Øvstebø, near Kleppan in Sauland, Telemark, Norway.
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The deposit to be discussed in the present paper is situated as shown in Figs. 1 and 2 near the farm Øvstebø not far from Kleppan in the district of Sauland in the county of Telemark in Southern Norway. The locality has earlier been given partly as Kleppan and partly as Sauland or Souland (old speiling). It is the type locality for cyprin (blue var. of vesuvianite) which was described by Berzelius in 1820, and for thulite (red var. of zoisite) described by Brooke in 1823. The first to publish any information about the deposit as such was Scheerer in 1845; Brøgger gives a crystallographic description of thulite in 1879, and Werenskiold has a sketch map and a profile of the Øvstebø deposit in his paper on the geology of Eastern Telemark in 1909 (p. 51).