Litt kvartærgeologi fra Jernbanedalen mellom Orkdal og Oppdal.
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On the watershed between Orkdal and Oppdal in the environments of Fagerhaug railway station, are to be seen a number of quaternary ice deposits, especially marginal terraces.
Measurements carried out by the author show taht the higher terraces have a greater gradient eastwards than the lower ones. The lowest level shows a horizontal direction of 8 km. This level corresponds in altitude to the watershed between Orkdal and Oppdal. This implies, that at the time when the watershed was freed from its ice-sheet, the surface of the ice had evened out so as to be practically horizontal. The rising of the ground is not likely to have exerted any decisive influence on the gradient of the terraces. In this grand dead-ice region an «esker», covering some 3 km, is of particular interest. Its size and shape make it one of the most inpressive of its kind in this country.
When taken in conjunction with Arne Grønli's observations from the Orkelsea regions, the direction of these terraces proves that in the case of Orkdal the last remnants of the inland ice were to be found in the middle of the valley.