Raset i Modalen 14. august 1953
2, 3, 4

On August 14th, 1953, at 2.30 p.m. a castrophe struck some farms of Nedre Helland, Modalen, Hordaland fylke (county).
The proceedings were the following:

1. A piece of rock, estimated to 24 000 tons, fell vertically about 200 m and hit a rock-strewn slope. The slope was about 30°.

2. Immediately the talus began to move, and 300 000 tons were pushed forward, covering 45 000 m2 of cultivated land, situated on a large terrace. Two farms got their houses crashed, but no person was injured.

3. This talus dammed the brook that used to drain the terrace, and in rainy weather a lake covers large parts of cultivated land.

4. The water of this lake, having no drain, sunk into the deeper parts of the terrace, soaked the fine sand, and caused small landslips along the edges of the terrace.

This is a very unique accumulation of accidents, but it may happen again in narrow valleys in mountaineous regions.