Communication - Meddelelse. A Norwegian Geotraverse Project

Preliminary results of a geological investigation in West Jotunheimen, Norway

A contact between supracrustals and infracrustals in the Basal gneiss region west of Breimsvatn, Sogn and Fjordane

A short review of the geological investigation in the southern Trondhjem region, central Norwegian
Caledonides ('the Røros project')

Pyropes from orogenic garnet peridotites and kimberlites

Preliminary results on the geology of Lofoten

Metamorphic reactions in Norwegian-anorthosites

Geochemical aspects of the Lofoten rocks

Marine-geological investigations on the continental shelf off the coast of Møre-Trøndelag, South Norway

Preliminary interpretation of a seismic refraction profile through southeastern Norway

Some remarks on terrain correction

Notes on the quaternary sediments of the Norwegian Continental Shelf between 62° and 67°N

The three lava types of the southern Oslo Region

Gravity investigations on the Norwegian Continental Shelf between 62° and 69°N

Stratigraphical, tectonial, and petrological investigations in the Kristiansund area

Seismic refraction investigation on the Norwegian Continental Shelf north of 62o

A gravimetric profile across the dunite at Raudalsvatn

Gravity measurements on the island of Smøla

Assumed contact between Precambrian and younger supracrustals around Grotli

Magnetic investigations on the Continental Shelf of Norway, Stadlandet- Lofoten (62-69°N)