The granite rocks of Farsund, South Norway
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The farsundite is a composite granitic body that crops out over an area of some 420 sq. km. in southern Norway. On a local scale the contact between the farsundite and the surrounding country rocks is often discordant; but when observed on a regional scale a broad structural conformity emerges. Three main facies are found within the farsundite body and the mineralogy and chemistry of these units is discussed. The farsundite is regarded as part of the Rogaland anorthosite province. It was emplaced as a magma that was augmented in volume by the incorporation of granitic gneiss. The charnockitic part of the farsundite body is believed to have crystallized under granulite facies conditions at a time when the main mass of rocks of the Rogaland anorthosite province was cooling down.