The Middle Ordovician of the Oslo Region, Norway. 14. The trilobite family Telephinidae.

The genus Telephina MAREK, 1952 is divided in to two subgenera , namely subgenus Telephina MAREK, 1952 and subgenus Telephops n. subgen. , based respectively on species without paired spines , and species with paired spines at the top of the frontal slope of the glabella. Twelve species are described from the Middle Ordovician Ogygiocaris and Chasmops series of the Oslo region of Norway. Among them seven are new , namely Telephina (Telephina) furnesensis, T (T.) norvegica, T. (T.) skjesethi, T. (T.) vesca, T. (Telephops) armata, T. (Telephops) bos, and T. (Telephops) invisitata. Two new species , i.e. T. (T.) sulcata and T. (T.) viriosa, from the transitional beds between the Lower Ordovician Endoceratid Limestone (3cγ) and the Middle Ordovician Ogygiocaris series (4aγ) are also described. The phylogeny of both European, North American and Chinese species is discussed , and a phylogenetic chart is added. A chart shows the stratigraphic and geographic occurrence of the described species.