Geology of the Kvikne mines with special reference to the sulphide ore mineralization

The Kvikne group of mines and prospects lies within strongly folded metasediments and metavolcanics in the central Norwegian Caledonides. In general, the sulphide ore bodies are stratabound in nature, and have a ruler shape with parallel alignment and F2 linear structure. They occur adjacent to and at the border between a thin horizon of amphibolite (Gula greenstone) and calcsilicate bearing biotite schists (Gula schists). A short range metasomatism has. affected the ore-bearing border zone bringing about a deprivation of lime and thereby a relative enrichment of Al, Mg and Si, giving rise to cummingtonite/ anthophyllite-, garnet-, and quartz-bearing wall rocks. The ores have been broadly classified into pyrrhotitic ores and pyritic/chalcopyritic ores. A probable epigenetic origin is suggested, depending on the trace element distribution and micromineralogy.