Foraminifera in five sediment cores in a profile across the Norwegian Channel south of Mandal

The results presented are only part of a more comprehensive investigation which is still in progress. Forty-six core samples were investigated micropaleontologically and sedimentologically. There occurred 115 species of foraminifera belonging to 50 genera and 18 families. For the purpose of this paper, the distribution of only the most common species of benthonic foraminifera and 4 species of planctonic foraminifera are mentioned. The bathymetric distribution of the benthonic species is studied, and four patterns of distribution are demonstrated. The distribution of planctonic foraminifera shows good correlation with the salinity in the surface water. An attempt has been made at using the total population of the benthonic foraminifera per unit volume of sediment as an index to the relative rate of deposition of sediment. This method indicates that the highest rate of sedimentation is nearest to the Norwegian and Danish coasts. The results of the sedimentological investigation show the increasing particle size in the sediment from north to south in the profile.