Gravity investigation of the Hareidlandet eclogite, western Norway

Six structural sections across the Hareidlandet eclogite around Ulsteinvik, Hareidlandet, western Norway are derived from gravity data. The residual gravity anomaly has a maximum of 6.9 mgals and the density contrast is 0.6 g/cm3. This study, which supports earlier geochemical studies, shows that the eclogite is not connected to the mantle. The folded nature of the eclogite lying in the synform over Ulsteinvik is confirmed, but it shows considerable widening at depth, especially northwards. The eclogite also has less dimensionaf variation at depth than suggested from surface exposures. The maximum subsurface thickness of the body is generally ca. 300 metres, and the volume of the eclogite is estimated to about 5-6 km3.