Rules and recommendations for naming geological units in Norway by the Norwegian Committe on Stratigraphy

At a meeting on May Sth, 1982, the Norwegian Council of Geology passed a resolution for the establishment of a Norwegian Committee on Stratigraphy (Norsk stratigrafisk komite, NSK) . The status, mandate, composition and working methods of the committee were defined at the same meeting (Appendix 1) . On Decem ber 16th, 1982, the Council appointed the committee members , and on January 15th, 1983 , the committee held its statutory general meeting electing Anna Siedlecka (Geological Survey of Norway - Norges geologiske undersøkelse - NGU) as chairman with Tore Torske (University of Tromsø - Universitetet i Tromsø - UiT) as her deputy. The other members during the 4-year period of 1983-86, were Svein Gjelle (NGU) , Atle Mørk (Continental Shelf Institute, Norway - Institutt for kontinentalsokkelundersøkelser - IKU), Rolf Sørensen (Agricultural University of Norway - Norges landbrukshøgskole - NLH) , Jan Vollset (Norwegian Petroleum Directorate - Oljedirektoratet - OD) and David Worsley (Saga Petroleum), with Arne Solli (NGU) , Jeno Nagy (University of Oslo - Universitetet i Oslo - UiO), Johan Petter Nystuen (NLH) , Eiliv Larsen (NGU) , Jan Mangerud (University of Bergen - Universitetet i Bergen - UiB), Arild Andresen (UiT) , Per Blystad (Åse Moe - OD) and Audun Hjelle (Norwegian Polar Research Institute - Norsk polarinstitutt - NP) as deputies.