Spesial Issue introduction: Tectonics and deposition in sedimentary basin

Editor's Note
The current issue of NGT comprises a series of contributions presented at the 4th annual meeting of the Tectonics and Structural Geology Studies Group (TSGS). This sectional meeting of the Geological Society of Norway (NGF) was held in Stavanger, November 26th-28th, 1986, and the proceedings are being published for the first time in NGT, which in itself represents something of a milestone.
The editors of our special issue, Andreas Koestler (Geo-Recon A/S, Oslo) and Snorre Olaussen (Statoil, Stavanger), have done a remarkable job in putting this proceedings volume together. The advantages of having proceedings in a regular journal which is cited in the main scientific bibliographical retrieval systems throughout the world, are many and obvious. A most important advantage is the immeditate global distribution and the more lasting value of the published material compared with publication in a one-off volurme from a small publishing house. The volume has been made possible by the allocation of 84 regular pages from NGTs annual budget along with an external grant from NOPEC A/S covering printing expenses for the additional pages.

Ola M. Sæther