Weichselian till stratigraphy and ice movements in Ottadalen, central south Norway

Til! stratigraphy and ice movement have been studied in the Skjåk area in the valley Ottadalen. The stratigraphy of one locality, Gubbhågå, is described in detail. Both at Gubbhågå and at other localities in Skjåk waterlaid sediments have been found which are presumed to be the sediments from the end of an
interstadial of Mid/Early Weichselian age, most probably Gudbrandsdalen Interstadial. On the basis of fabric analyses the overlying tills are correlated with different phases of ice movements and a four-phase model of these movements during the last lee Age has been established. These results are consistent with others from other parts of Ottadalen and Gudbrandsdalen. Investigations show that the effects of the ice erosion, even in large glacial troughs dose to the main water divide, have been surprisingly little during the last Ice Age.