Block fields, ice-flow directions and the Pleistocene ice sheet in Nordmøre and Romsdal, West Norway
pp. 27-33

On the basis of till fabric analyses, glacial striations, the distribution of tills and block fields in this region the vertical and horizontal extension of the continental ice sheet is discussed. The glaciation model indicates that the Late Weichselian ice sheet covered the entire area. The ice ftow was to the northnorthwest and only to a minor extent inftuenced by the local topography. The ice sheet extended to the continental edge west of the Nordmøre region. During the retreat of this Late Weichselian ice sheet a re-advance probably occurred. Nunataks were forrned and the marked boundary for the block fields was developed as an erosional limit along the surface of the ice sheet. The block fields themselves, however, were probably forrned before the last glaciers covered the area and have thus survived beneath the ice sheet