Clarification of the petrology and occurrence of garnet lherzolites, garnet websterites and eclogite in the vicinity of Rødhaugen, Almklovdalen, West Norway
3, 4

Re-examination of the so-called Rødhaugen eclogite specimens analysed by Eskola (1921) and Mercy & O'Hara (1965), together with new field observations, demonstrate that these specimens were not petrographically analogous nor from precisely the same locality. Eskola apparently overlooked the presence of appreciable orthopyroxene in his specimen. New microprobe mineral analyses are presented both for these earlier specimens and for a further suite of eight associated garnet lherzolite, garnet websterite and eclogite samples from the Rødhaugen area. The petrogenesis and tectono-metamorphic evolution of these rocks are discussed with reference to the differing compositions of porphyroclast cores and rims, and recrystallised matrix grains. New pressure/temperature equilibration estimates for these assemblages are taken to indicate that these rocks shared a common eclogite facies metamorphic
event with the surrounding eclogite bearing gneiss complex.