Glaciotectonic forms and structures on the Norwegian continental shelf: observations, processes and implications
pp. 81-94

In the present work two glaciotectonic hill-hole pairs are recognized off Norway at 200 m and 300 m water depths. The structures are argued to be of Late Weichselian age. Displaced volumes are in the order of 1-1.7 km3 and one of the forms has a total length of more than 30 km. In the southwestem Barents Sea an area of possible repeated glaciotectonism is recognized; buried ftoes of sedimentary rocks and Quatemary sediments may occur in this area. The extensive glaciotectonism may be related to local glaciological conditions or geological conditions favourable for subsurface decollement. Formation and displacement of ftoes of subglacially consolidated layers resting on softer sediments are theoretically considered. Glaciotectonism has an inftuence on stratigraphy, morphostratigraphy and geotechnical conditions.