Possible basement rocks in the Kalak Nappe Complex on Sørøy, Finnamrk, N. Norway
pp. 159-172

Viscous folded migmatites exposed between Hasfjord and Hoyvika in southem Sørøy have both tield and petrographic features typical of the Eidvågeid Supracrustal Sequence, a presumed basement unit in the Kalak Nappe Complex (Middle Allochthon). The distribution of the migmatites, the margins of which have been cut and hornfelsed by the Seiland Igneous Province, is consistent with their being part of the Eidvågeid Sequence. If the migmatites on Sørøy are basement, then their structures cannot be used to support either the idea of a pre-Caledonian Porsanger Orogeny or a pre-Caledonian emplacement age for the Seiland lgneous Province.