A discussion: Basement-cover relationships on northern Vanna, Troms, Norway
pp. 179-184

The island of Vanna, Troms, has been divided into two parts, the Skipsfjord Nappe and a footwall unit which forms part of the Lofoten 'block'. The former unit was correlated with the Middle Allochthon and the latter with the Autochthon at the Caledonian front. However, palaeogeographic models, based on branch-line maps for the Lower Allochthon in Finnmark, indicate that the Middle Allochthon and autochthon are separated by ca. 300 km in this region. In view of the very strong lithological similarities between the Skipsfjord Nappe and its footwall, these correlations are rejected and it is suggested that both units form the westernmost part of the Lower Allochthon. This has considerable implications for the restoration of the whole Lofoten-Tysford basement block.