The Ordovian trilobite genus Robergia Wiman, 1905 and some other species hitherto included
pp. 37-62

The genus Robergia Wiman, 1905 is revised together with type and additional material including R. striatel/a sp. nov. from the upper Llandeilo/ lower Caradoc of Jämtland, Sweden. This species is similar to both older and younger forms from North Arnerica, and 'European' and 'American' stocks are recognized. Pugilator gen. nov. is erected for late Ordovician species with short palpebral lobes and a large glabellar tongue, and Arator gen. nov. for species from Kazakhstan, U.S.S.R. , with a narrow glabellar tongue and a falcate, prominent anterior border. Type material of R. breviceps Raymond, 1925 is illustrated for the first time and the species assigned to Eorobergia.

Frank Nikolaisen, Paleontologisk Museum, Sars gate l, N-0562 Oslo 5, Norway.