A contemporary small-scale thrust-fault near Lebesby, Finnmark
pp. 117-120

A displaced drillhole in phyllites in a road-cut at Skogvika, Laksefjord, Finnmark, shows a reverse-fault offset of 5.8 cm, the thrust vector directed towards ll8°. The thrust-fault parallels the 40" dipping, axial surface slaty cleavage of Caledonian folds. The displacement has occurred at some time during the 3-year period between the summers of 1986 and 1989. It is suggested that this very recent reverse slip, which is about coaxial with the contemporary, regional, horizontal compressive stress in northern Fennoscandia, can be explained as resulting from a release of accumulated strain energy, triggered either by a seismic event or perhaps by the actual blasting of the road-cut. Aseismic creep may also have contributed to the overall finite displacement.

David Roberts, Geological Survey of Norway, P. O. Box 3006-Lade, N-7002 Trondheim, Norway.